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Beetles Control


Powderpost beetles are so called because in high numbers they are able to turn the inside of a piece of wood into nothing more than a mass of fine powder.These wood destroying beetles can do significant damage to log homes, furniture, wood floors and structural timbers in your home. Powder post beetles are small (1/8 inch) and the adult beetles are seldom seen. Most of the life cycle is spent in the grub or larvae stage eating wood. Damage is done by the larvae as they create narrow, meandering tunnels in wood as they feed.

People do not realize that the wood is infested until the adult beetles emerge from within the wood. The exit holes are very small, about the size of a pin head. Newly emerged adults mate and lay eggs on or below the surface of bare (unfinished) wood. The eggs hatch into tiny larvae which bore into the wood. Homeowners are more likely to see damage than the beetles themselves, because the adults are short-lived and are active mainly at night. When the wood is tapped with a hammer, dust will fall from these exit holes.

Powderpost Beetle Control In Unfinished Woods

Exit holes from the powderpost beetles emerging may not be seen in unfinished woods. It is much more likely that the unfinished woods were already infested when purchased from the factory. We strongly suggest that all timbers are purchased to be treated before assembly. It is much cheaper to treat preventively. The best way for this wood treatment is injecting the Chemical into the exit holes and spraying the entire wood portion. Our chemical is mixed with oil and applied to the wood by way of a hand held pump sprayer

Powderpost Beetle Control In Furniture

This takes a little interesting work. We cannot apply or spray the chemical directly to the outside of the furniture, because the varnish will not allow penetration. The best solution is applying chemical with the help of syringe and injecting them into the exit holes. This application is in a very concentrated form and can be delivered by a plastic syringe. The chemical applied will spread deep penetrating into the wood to protect against all wood destroying organisms.

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